Top Auto Repair Keywords for SEO

by Auto Repair SEO on March 7, 2011

One of the most important components of Search Engine Optimization is Keyword Research. You need to know what people are actually searching for so that you can optimize your site for keywords that will actually drive valuable traffic.

Based on our research (reviewing the historic trends on Google, Yahoo & Bing we have developed a list of the most commonly searched keywords for Auto Repair Shops and the Auto Repair industry.

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
mechanics 2,240,000.00
brakes 1,830,000.00
auto repair 1,830,000.00
mechanic 1,500,000.00
oil change 1,220,000.00
automotive repair 1,000,000.00
car service 823,000.00
auto body 823,000.00
car repair 673,000.00
auto service 550,000.00
transmissions 550,000.00
auto mechanics 550,000.00
auto shop 450,000.00
automotive service 368,000.00
glass replacement 368,000.00
windshield repair 368,000.00
repair windshield 368,000.00
auto shops 368,000.00
car repair service 301,000.00
auto repair service 301,000.00
auto repair and service 301,000.00
auto service and repair 301,000.00
vehicle repair 301,000.00
auto services 246,000.00
car auto repair 246,000.00
car repair services 246,000.00
transmission problems 246,000.00
car maintenance 246,000.00
car shop 201,000.00
car repairs 165,000.00
auto repairs 165,000.00
engine repair 165,000.00
auto mechanic 165,000.00
brake repair 165,000.00
car shops 135,000.00
auto shop repair 135,000.00
automobile repair 135,000.00
oil change coupons 135,000.00
auto maintenance 135,000.00
auto repair shop 135,000.00
transmission repair 135,000.00
auto tech 110,000.00
auto repair services 110,000.00
truck repair 110,000.00
automotive mechanic 110,000.00
auto repair shops 110,000.00
windshield glass repair 110,000.00
transmission fluid change 110,000.00
auto repair mechanic 90,500.00
auto body shop 90,500.00
auto body shops 90,500.00
windshield auto glass replacement 90,500.00
autoglass replacement 90,500.00
auto body parts 90,500.00
automotive maintenance 90,500.00
auto transmission 74,000.00
car problems 74,000.00
car air conditioning 74,000.00
auto air conditioning 74,000.00
car window tinting 74,000.00
transmission service 60,500.00
car mechanics 49,500.00
car mechanic 40,500.00
clutch repair 33,100.00
car window repair 27,100.00
car window replacement 27,100.00
car ac repair 6,600.00

Based on the above, you want to determin wich of these keywords get searched the most when combined with your Geo Modifier / City attached to it:



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