Social Media For Your Auto Repair Shop

by Auto Repair SEO on March 29, 2010

We market your Auto Repair practice on the places people are spending more and more networks. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the new referral sources. It's where people are talking to their friends about your business when you're not around.

The landscape of social media sites is much bigger than most people think, there are hundreds of sites where people are spending their time socializing online. It would be nearly impossible to manage a social media marketing campaign like this on your own. After all you have a Auto Repair business to run.

We build a social media marketing campaign around your business and build it up while interacting with it's users. After all what's a social media campaign if it's not social.

Social Media Marketing For Auto Repair Shops

The steps are simple:

  1. We custom brand all your existing social networks (if you already have some). We add the rest of the social sites you don't have.
  2. We monitor your sites as well as send promotions to your followers and friends.
  3. We manage your online reputation in places customers are talking about you both the good and the bad.
  4. We publish info about your Auto Repair business and industry
  5. Best of all, we show you the results through detailed statistics so you know if your campaigns are running and driving ROI.

Our social media marketing campaign works in two ways, it keeps and rewards the customers you already have and helps attract new customers to your business.

Contact us today about setting up a product demonstration catered to your business.


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